CyberPro: Insurance

CyberPro is suitable for nearly all clients in most Industry sectors, and can be adapted to specific needs and requirements. Coverage is provided on a modular basis, with Independent Insuring agreements so that a policy holder can “pick and choose” their coverage according to requirements.

Standard key coverage

  • Liability coverage extended to cloud providers and external vendors
  • Voluntary notification
  • Reputational harm
  • Crisis, management and brand reestablishment following a social media event from employees
  • Coverage for rogue employees
  • Computer crime, electronic theft & telecommunications fraud
  • Forensic costs up to the full policy limit
  • Programming and human error
  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • IDT911 Risk management services

Additional coverage

  • Costs to cover Payment Card Industry fines and penalties
  • Business Interruption and data restoration coverage extension to external vendors
  • Notification costs outside of policy limits
  • Media coverage extended to physical products
  • All sub limits available up to the full policy limit
  • General Liability

CyberPro Coverage modules

Security and privacy liability provides coverage for an Insured’s failure to protect private or confidential information and associated legal liability.

Multimedia and Intellectual property liability provides coverage for an insureds liability arising from advertising and intellectual property risks.

Technology services covers any actual or alleged breach of duty, error or omission in the rendering of technology services

Miscellaneous professional services covers actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, error or omission in the rendering of non technology professional services.

Network Interruption and recovery provides coverage for a company’s own losses and rectification costs from network interruption or following a security breach.

Event support expenses provides coverage for the costs of averting or mitigating public relations damage following a network event, including notification, and the offering of a credit monitoring service to individuals whose personal information may have been compromised.

Privacy regulatory defense and penalties provides coverage for an organization defending itself in the event of a regulatory action following a privacy breach or breach of privacy regulations.

Network extortion provides coverage to pay for an extortion threat against the insured’s network.

Electronic theft, computer fraud & telecommunications fraud provides coverage for loss of an insured’s money or asset arising from network security breach.

Social engineering fraud provides coverage for loss of money or asset arising from phishing or other electronic scams.

Reputational damage provides coverage for business income loss arising from loss of a service contract and reduction in brand value following a network event.

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