High Hazard Property Solutions

Target Occupations:

Epsilon Property specialises in underwriting High Hazard Property risks including the following target occupations:

  • Target Industries and Occupations:
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Stockfeed product manufacturing, storage & distribution
  • Fibreglass works including boat building
  • Food & Beverage manufacturing, storage & distribution (EPS)
  • Meat processing facilities including Abattoirs (EPS)
  • Paper and Cardboard product manufacturing and recycling, storage & distribution
  • Plastic (including recycling), Rubber, Foam product manufacturing, storage & distribution
  • Printing – commercial and screen printing, storage & distribution
  • Textile milling, cotton ginning, clothing and footwear product manufacturing, storage & distribution
  • Timber milling, sawmills, wood product and furniture manufacturing, storage & distribution
  • Transport and haulage storage warehouses
  • Waste disposal and recycling plants/operations
  • Many other High Hazard product manufacturing, storage, warehousing & distribution risks

We also underwrite risks for Commercial/Industrial property owners, businesses in the Accommodation, Entertainment and Hospitality industries and Business Services with a high hazard exposure.

Product Wording

  • Property risks with a combined Material Damage and Consequential Limit – minimum $1,000,000
  • Epsilon ISR Property Policy (MK IV) including a broad range of automatic policy extensions
  • Broker ISR wordings (Industry MK IV & V basis of coverage) accepted subject to agreement by Epsilon

Underwriting Security and Capacity

  • Swiss Re International SE, Australia Branch (ABN 38 138 873 211)
  • Standard and Poor’s Rating AA- (Very Strong)
  • Significant capacity available, subject to the occupation and risk proposed – lead or co-insurance basis.

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