Accident & Health

Epsilon’s Accident and Health approach is focussed on offering comprehensive, flexible and ultimately sustainable coverage and pricing solutions for medium-to-large Group Accident & Sickness schemes. Whether born of the desire to provide additional incentives and benefits to attract and retain employees and contractors, or specifically mandated within an enterprise bargaining agreement, Epsilon’s A&H policies offer a broad range of benefits that can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any group - Each policy has been carefully crafted to provide each Insured Person with financial support (e.g. replacement income) at a time when it is needed most - swiftly, compassionately and consistently delivered to your valued clients.

Key Features

Income protection benefits

Major benefits are payable in the form of a lump sum and/or Weekly Benefits as a result of Injury or Sickness causing permanent or temporary disablement.
  • weekly income benefits for accident and sickness
  • up to 100% of income; up to 156 weeks (3 years) benefit period
  • worldwide income protection for non-work-related injury & illness
  • Workers' compensation top-up cover and other gap cover such as TAC top-up in Victoria
  • 24/7 cover for self-employed, sole traders & contractors not covered by Workers’ Compensation
  • Journey Injury cover – loss of income & lump sum benefits in the event of an Accident to-or-from work
Lump sum death and injury benefits – resulting from an Accident

  • broken bones cover
  • accidental dental injuries
  • death or total and permanent disablement
  • impairment and serious trauma (capital benefits)
A broad range of Additional Benefits are also available

  • Personal Wellbeing - 17 different benefit categories including accidental HIV infection, rehabilitation and financial advice benefits
  • Corporate Protection - where the insured client (employer) themselves has been impacted by an injury or sickness suffered by an employee

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